Become a Member



  • Ordinary Member:
    • Any person who has completed two (02) years full time course at the Defence University and graduated from the University of Moratuwa / University of Colombo.


  • Associate Member:
  • Any student who has completed one year at the University and who is not entitled to be an ordinary member.
  • Any person who has obtained a post graduate degree or diploma from the University. 
  • Any person who has obtained a diploma or certificate having followed a full time course in the University.


  • Honorary Member:
  • Any person who has rendered distinguished service to the University nominated by the Executive Committee and elected by the general membership of the Association.
  • All ordinary, associate and honorary members shall have the right to vote, to be nominated for office in the association subject to the other provision of the constitution, to propose and second the candidature of another member and to receive all communications from the Secretary. Provided however, that the posts of office bearers shall be filled by persons who become eligible for Ordinary membership in terms.
  • The membership fees will be, as prescribed by rules made by the executive committee from time to time.
  • Any ordinary or associate member who has not paid his annual subscription fee for a consecutive period of three years shall automatically cease to be a member.
  • Application for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two members of the association and submitted to the executive committee for consideration.
  • All application for membership shall be on the prescribed form by the executive committee.
  • The executive committee shall have the right either to accept or reject any application for any reason, which they think, is justifiable.
  • Any person who has;

(i)    Deserted the ranks from any services or from the University itself

(ii)   Been convicted for any serious criminal offence or discharge from any service due to disciplinary grounds.

(iii) Been engaged in any act which in the opinion of the executive committee dishonours the name and reputation of the association , shall not be entitled to become a member of the association.

  • A member may resign by communicating his resignations to the secretary of the association.
  • The executive committee shall have the power to terminate the membership of any member who becomes disqualified to be a member in terms of sub section 8 above, subsequent to his becoming a member of the association.