Welcome to the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, we are responsible for facilitating the academic studies on aeronautics. The department conducts a majority of lectures pertaining to aeronautical engineering during the third year of the programme. Lectures are conducted by the department staff and visiting lecturers who are officers of the Sri Lanka Air Force. Engineering programmes are conducted with the assistance of the Mechanical, Marine and Electrical & Electronic Engineering Departments of the University.The Department has the facility of an aeronautical engineering laboratory, which is equipped with a Cessna 337 aircraft , three SF – 260 W air craft, IA -58 Pukara aircraft, Bell 212 helicopter working model, Turbine & Piston aircraft engines and an array of aircraft components that provide the undergraduates with in-house practical training on relevant subjects. Practical sessions and workshops are conducted at the Aeronautical Engineering lab in KDU and Engineering Wings and Flying Formation of the SLAF.

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering was first established in 1993 under the Director of Academic Studies as a separate Department at KDU. Prior to its establishment, all students who were enlisted to the Technical Engineering branch of the Sri Lanka Air Force were awarded bachelorettes in Defence Studies based on a Mechanical Engineering background.  Based on the requirements of the nation and evolving technologies used within the Sri Lanka Air Force, the need was felt to establish an educational element which produced competent officers with a sound Aeronautical Engineering background. As such the Academy became the only governmental institution facilitating a degree programme in Aeronautical Engineering in the country. This remains the same up to date with the Academy being transformed into a University.The first batch of students of the department was the Aeronautical Engineering students of Intake 11. In 1995, the first batch of lady officer cadets consisting of four cadets was enlisted to the KDU and they completed their degree under the Department of Aeronautical Engineering. Since then, the Department has produced both male an female officers as competent Aeronautical Engineers to the Sri Lanka Air Force.  

In 2011, the Department saw a milestone in its history when it was recognized by the Quality Assurance Accreditation Council of the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. With the continued expansions that have occurred in the University, the Faculty of Engineering was formed in late 2011, and the Department presently functions under the Faculty of Engineering. In 2013, the first batch of Day Scholars consisting of 18 students was inducted opening doors of the department to civilian students as well. This is in keeping in par with the national policy of elevating Sri Lanka into an Educational and Aviation Hub in the South Asian Region.The Department is facilitated with an Aeronautical Engineering Systems laboratory which is dedicated towards conducting practical sessions for the students. The Department continues to provide quality education with the resourceful professionals, other facilities and equipment within the Department and Sri Lanka Air Force. In the latter half of 2012, the Aeronautical Engineering Systems Laboratory was upgraded to the highest standards, followed by the purchase of books related to Aeronautical Engineering worth Rs. 2 million for the KDU Library. In 2013, another degree program was initiated for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, thus covering a wider scope in the demand of the Aviation industry.                                                                                

To be an indispensable source in Aeronautical Engineering education which has the zeal to provide the value driven platform for the students to acquire knowledge and empower themselves to shoulder higher responsibility in the Defence and development of the nation.

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Mission Of The Department

To promote Aeronautical Engineering education and research by providing quality education, keeping in pace with time and technology. To produce graduates who are technically well prepared for their subsequent duties and responsibilities as Aeronautical Engineers in the Sri Lanka Air Force. 



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