The Department of Defence studies is controlled under the faculty of Defence & Strategicstudies. It has a major role for maintaining discipline, military training and administration of officer cadets. And also it is comprised five squadrons such as Gemunu ,Gajaba, Vijayaba,Parakum and Mahasen .Every squardron is made with officer cadets of various intakes and divided into several troops for command and control. A squadron commander has a responsibility of the entire squadron while troops are controlled under the supervision of troop commanders.

Organizing of the militry traning program is a compulsary components for officer cadets under department of defence studies to take up responsibility confidently as commissioned officers of the armed forces .department of defence studies under the instructions of the dean FDS who is assisted by squadron commanders in charge of each intake and troop commanders incharge of each troop.These officers with the assistance of the other rank instructors impart the essentaial milotry knowledge both in classroom and field to the officer cadets have to join the militry training that is design to import knowledge on join staff duties leadership studies , land warfare/marittime warfare/air warframe and to develop skills in physical training ,drill weapon training ,field craft,map reading service writing and methods of instructions which are crucial for the profession of arms.

As well as the main purpose of the department of defence studies to promote descipline which is requsted as the life blood of militry receives the foremost place.in order to achieve the target of producing highly descipilned officer cadets engaged in diverse programmers which inculcate possitive attitude in them towards enchancing descipiline and make them sensitive to the militry nuances of the highest order self descipline,selflessness,self sacrifice and integrity are some qulities aimed at the militry training program.

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