Welcome to Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics was formed in October 2011 under the Faculty of Engineering. The department intends to contribute to the armed services in Sri Lanka as well as civil society by producing graduates in the field of information technology. The department, though it is new, is staffed with well qualified professionals. Their research capabilities and industrial exposure help to achieve the objectives of the department. Officer cadets have the opportunity to be educated in theoretical aspects as well as practicals with firsthand experience relevant to their studies. A number of visiting academics also assist the officer cadets in numerous areas. The selection of visiting academics includes the experts in the field of Information Technology.



To elevate the quality of a graduate and carry out  multidisciplinary research by mobilizing analytical thinking, quantification and reasoning by enhancing the learner's mathematical capacity



Our Graduates have the capabilty and motivation to solve problems they encounter and thus provide brain power to the organizations they are involved.