Reference Number

Student Feedback (Lectures)

EFQAC/FORM/01 (1 Dec 2014)

Student Feedback (laboratory Classes)

EFQAC/FORM/02 (1 Dec 2014)

Student Feedback (Industrial Training)

EFQAC/FORM/03 (1 Dec 2014)

Student Feedback (Field Visits)

EFQAC/FORM/04 (1 Dec 2014)

Student Feedback (Design Projects)

EFQAC/FORM/05 (1 Dec 2014)

Peer Observation (Lecturers)

EFQAC/FORM/06 (1 Dec 2014)

Employer Feedback (Graduates)

EFQAC/FORM/07 (1 Dec 2014)

Alumni Feedback (Degree Program)

EFQAC/FORM/08 (6 Jan 2015)

Moderator’s Checklist and Reporting (Question Papers)

EFQAC/FORM/09 (6 Jan 2015)

Guidelines for Continuous Assessment in Module Evaluation


Application for Final Year Research Project ENG/UG/FINR
Application for Mini Research/ Project ENG/UG/MINR
Work Load Reporting Form
Procedures for the Conduct of Examinations