KDU Laboratory Complex

The KDU Laboratory Complex facilitates in-house Engineering and Science Laboratory classes. The advanced practical classes which cannot be conducted in-house at KDU are held at Laboratories in the University of Moratuwa.

The KDU Lab Complex consists of the following laboratories :-

1. Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

2. Materials Laboratory

3. Electrical Engineering Laboratory

4. Chemistry Laboratory

5. Thermodynamics and Automobile Laboratory

6. Electronics Laboratory

7. Soil Mechanics Laboratory

8. Physics Laboratory

9. Communication Engineering Laboratory,

10. Engineering Workshop,

11. Computer Laboratory,

12. Information Technology Centre,

13. Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory,

14. Geography Laboratory 

15. Language Laboratories

The Laboratory Complex is presently equipped with the facilities to conduct all the first year engineering practical classes and a considerable part of the second year and third year engineering practical classes. In addition the regular Physics and Chemistry practical classes are also conducted in this Laboratory Complex. In laboratory there are multiple facilities. Many types of new equipments and various kind of scientific things are there.