Faculty Research Cell (FRC)

Faculty Research Cell (FRC) was established in 2018 with the purpose of enhancing the research culture within the Faculty of Engineering by stimulating and monitoring the research or research related activities in the faculty. Prof (Mrs) Indra Dayawansa is the founding chairperson of the Cell and currently, she is acting as the adviser of the Cell. Organizing Faculty Research Seminars is one of the main activities carried out by FRC. In this series of seminars, faculty academic staff is encouraged to present their research findings to both the academic staff and the undergraduates. These seminars are expected to raise awareness of on-going researches in the faculty and thereby to improve the collaborative research within the faculty.


Faculty Research Seminar 2019

• The first research seminar for year 2019 was conducted successfully on 28th of February 2019. In this seminar, Mr. Dakshina Fernando from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering presented his research work on “Advanced Modelling of KF Implemented Flying Wing”.

• The second research seminar for year 2019 was successfully held on 09th May 2019. The speaker, Mr. FBYR De Silva from the Department of Mechanical Engineering presented his research work on “Performance Assessment of Downdraft Biomass Gasifier”.

• Another successful research seminar for year 2019 was held on 04th July 2019 in which Dr. Ishani Dias, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Civil Engineering presented her research work on “Evaluation of retro-reflective signal backplates in preventing red-light-running violations.”


Upcoming Events

Workshop on “Enhancing Competencies on Academic Writing”

EFRC is organizing a workshop on “Enhancing Competencies on Academic Writing”, with the aim of improving the academic writing skills of academic and academic supporting staff of the faculty. The workshop will be held on 30th July 2019 and will be conducted by Professor Priyan Dias, a Senior Professor of University of Moratuwa.