The Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities has been established under the restructuring programme of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University. It consists of three departments namely Department of Management and Finance, Department of Social Sciences and Department of Languages.


The Department of Management & Finance offers two degree programmes namely BSc in Logistics Management, and BSc in Management & Technical Sciences. The Department of Social Sciences offers BSc in Social Sciences. Currently, Dr. N Sirisoma is the Dean of the Faculty. At present there are three intakes belonging to the Faculty and more than 200 Undergraduates and Postgraduate students. Many of undergraduate students are studying as officer cadets and some of them are studying under Day Scholar degree programme. The academic staff of the faculty consists over 35 members. The Faculty has contributed a lot to brighten the name of Sir John Kotelawala Defence University among other universities in the island.

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Students of the Faculty can log in to the Learning Management System. Students of the Faculty can log into the Mlearning system. Students of the Faculty can view Assistant Regitrar notices from here. You Can download all the applications and forms relavent to the faculty. You can find researches and publications of faculty staff here

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