Department of Management & Finance

dept mgt  Department of Management & Finance was established in the Faculty of Management, Social Sciences & Humanities in 2010. The department is firmly committed to produce high calibre Officer Cadets and Civil Undergraduates in the fields of management and finance. Currently we offer two undergraduates degree programmes: Bachelor of Science in Logistics Management and Bachelor of Science in Management and Technical Science.

Department of Social Sciences

dept ss 

Department of Social Sciences is one of the main Departments in the Faculty of Management, Social Sciences and Humanities (FOMHS). Presently the department offers opportunities for students, both cadets and day scholars, (civilian students) to obtain a B.Sc. in Social Sciences (a General Degree).The students in Social Sciences degree program are offered Economics, Geography and Management as the core subjects along with other common and auxiliary subjects that are important to achieve/instil the expected co competencies of graduates in B.Sc.(Social Sciences)

Department of Languages

 dept languages The Department of Languages conducts all the language courses for the undergraduates at the University. The Department offers English Language courses for the first and second year Officer Cadets as well as for the civil students on payment basis. Modules on Communication Skills are also offered for undergraduates who are offering LLB and ICT for their basic degree. The language skills of all these students are evaluated through continuous assessments, oral tests and semester end examinations. The Department also offers national language courses in Tamil for non-Tamil and Sinhala for Non-Sinhalese Officer Cadets in the final semester. Diploma and Certificate level English Language courses, conducted by the department in conjunction with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and held during weekends, provide English Language Learners outside the university, the opportunity of
 improving their language skills. In addition to these ongoing courses, the Department also conducts a one month Intensive English Language Course for officers of Defence Services Command and Staff College (Batalanda). While applying a holistic approach to language teaching, the Department strives to introduce innovative teaching and learning methods to enhance learner autonomy indispensible for the specific clientele at the tri- service University.
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