Ribbons and Insignia of Officer Cadets

The University initiated a programme to award ribbons and insignia to Officer Cadets from 2011.The aim of this project is to uplift the standard of the officer  cadets,distinguish their achivements during the cadet period,mould excellent Officer Cadets and to motivate others to reach high performance beyond the call of duty in their tenure as cadets.

Military Excellence

Awarded annually to cadets in each level for maintainig the highest average(above 70%) for military subjects

Academic Excellence

Awarded annually to cadets in each level for maintaining the highest average for academic subjects

Good conduct

Awarded annually to the cadets who demonstrate outstanding conduct throughout the yearand exhibit thehighest degree of loyality and positive attitudes,outstanding personal apperance,capacity for responsibility,the highest personal and ethical standards, attributes of initiative,judgement and self confidence and ranked in the top 15% of thier intake.Further cadets should not have commited any chargable offences in their cadet period.

Perfect Attendance

Awarded to cadets with no unexcused absence during each semester. it is evaluated depending on the frequency  of absencedue to reporting sick,medical category and other categories.they should maintain 90% of attendence in each semester.

Physical Fitness

Awarded annually to five male cadets and two female cadets who perform exceptionallywell in the fittest cadet competition and to two male cadets and one female cadet who perform best swimming


Awarded annually to best marksman who obtain 80% marks for firing.


Awarded to cadets who obtain medals in national level sports and colour recipients of KDU sports


1. Ribbon and Insignia for intake 27

2. Ribbon and Insignia for intake 28