Sports Achivements


Chess team of Kotelawala Defence University participated in the Inter Higher Education Institutes Rapid Chess Tournament-2013 organized by the Sri lanka Institute of Information Technology,(SLITT),Malabe on 29th July 2013,.

There were 06 male chess teams and several female teams representing Higher Education Institutes with the participation of many national and International rated chess players.

As it was a rapid chess tournament, a game was limited to 25 minutes per each player. KDU chess team showed their enthusiasm & competitiveness in the game of chess from the first round onwards.

 The champion KDU team comprised of following Officer Cadets and Day Scholars.

3496    O/Cdt           LW      Senevirathne (captain)

3990     TUO             YYK     Meepagala

ENG/CE/12/170      KG       Kavikeshwara   

ENG/13/191           KOV    Kottahachchy

4149      O/Cdt        KMGPL    Wijesinghe




kdu badminton team participated in the SLIIT Badminton Championship-2012  and became the runners up of the tournament  held at SLIIT Badminton Indoor Court ,Malabe 06 th april to 10th April 2012.

The team members were

3795 SCQMS     HKDLM Samarasekara           3937 J/O/Cdt SHK Weerasinghe

3970  J/O/Cdt     RADMD Senavirathna              Eng/12/ 0037 AKST Chaminda

 Eng/12/0027    LV Madurusinghe                      LLB/12/0072  GRIR Nimalachandra

3750 O/Cdt        AGKPG Gamage                    3753 /O/CDT   ABC DE Alwis

           MG 6862                                   MG 6866                                                  


KDU basketball team played several friendly matches with universities of Jayawardanapura,Moratuwa and Kaleniya higher education institutes  such as SLILT ,ACBT and ANC at KDU proves themselves and tremendously in 2012.

AS a result of the vast developmernt of Basketball,KDU won the FEMALE CHAMPIONSHIP Of Leaders championship of leadersTrophy 2012 organized  by KDU at its basketball court

.Basket ball


The following officer cadets and lady officer cadetsa won the following medals at the ABA INTERMEDIATE BOXING Championship-2012

J/O/C LM Suduwelikanda -Silver Meadal (60kg) & Best Looser of the tournament

4034 J/L/OC DCL Attale- Bronze medal (55kg)

Quater finalists

3763 O/C RMTDP Rathmalawinna

3791 L/O/C lmm Liyanage

3984 J/O/C WSK Fernando

KDU Boxing  players participated in the 86th  ABA MEN and Women Clifford Cup Boxing Championship 2012.Their achivements are given below.

Quater Finalists 

3717 o/c MCPA Manodarage                                                424669 2745300824236 1798125170 n

3984 J/O/C WSK Fernando


KDU Cricket team played a few friendly practise matches with ST.John's College-Panadura 

Prince of wales-Moratuwa and Rio club-Nugegoda


KDU hockey team participated in the tournament which was oraganized by Colombo Hockey Association where the KDU hockey team performed well playing with other Leading hockey teams in Colombo District in 2012.


KDU Karete team participated in Japan shotokan karate tournament held in Sri umangala Colleges  indoor Stadium in Panadura on 12th February 2012.Medal holders are mentioned below.

3599 SCSM ODM DE Silva 4-5 kyu 1st 2nd
3581 C/Sgt NDGD Senarath 6-7 KYU 3 rd 3rd
3592 O/C HMCRP Kumara 6-7 KYU 3 rd 3rd
3724 C/Cpl HTE Soyza 6-7 kyu 3rd
3770 O/C  HMPLR Bandara  4-5 kyu  2nd  1st
 3780  O/C  MRP Abeywickrama  9-8 kyu
 3813  O/C  ARR Weerasena  4-5 kyu  2nd  2nd
 3845  O/C  TT Udugalage  4-5 kyu  3rd
 3963 J/ O/C  WDEDP Katupitiya  Black belt  3rd
 3964  J/O/C GDS Sanjeewa  Black belt
 3994  J/O/C  HMWR Herath  4-5 kyu  3rd  1st
 3959  J/O/C  SM Iddagoda  9-8 Kyu  1st  2nd
 4010  J/O/C  SYHK Karunarathna  9-8 Kyu  3rd  3rd
 4012  J/L/O/C  PWSL Bandara  9-8 Kyu  3rd  2nd
 4034  J/L/O/C  DCL Attale  9-8 Kyu  1st  2nd

 MG 4613   MG 4617

Volley ball 

KDU Volleyball team participated in the Inter Club Volleyball tournament on 20th february 2012.KDU sportsman and women took part in Bentota Beach Festival 2012 held on 30 & 31 March 2012 and the KDU Team emerged the champions of womens beach ball tournament.

The Able PTI AKK Aluthge and Lady Officer Cadet  BMHDK abeyrathna played in the victorious volleyball team.


KDU Rugby team played a practice match with Srilanka Police  Team "C" at KDU

 MG 4001                                           MG 3910


KDU soccor team played sevaeral friendly matches with Blue belt sports club,VIR Team,Bentota United sports club, SLIIt ,ICBT,Veterans,Sports Club and SLAOC Team in Year 2012.













KDU Squash team participated in the Srilanka AIr force Squash tournament novices meet-2012 at Srilanka Air force Squash Complex Rathmalana and reached Quater finals.

3800 C/Sgt SALA Subasinghe                        

          MG 3541

3765 O/Cdt KHS Kodippilige

Table tennis

The following students  gained the following achivements at the inter University Invitational Table Tennis tournaments organized by the University of Kelaniya

Runners up in the Mens Double matches

  3574 O/CDT GDP rupasinghe3983 J/O/cdt SYCN Wickramasinghe                                                                                  Table tennis

2nd Runners up in Men's double matches

3981 J/O/CDT BH Siriwardana

Eng /12/0170 KG Kavikeshawa

Quater final in Mens single

 3981 J/O/CDT BH Siriwardana

3983 J/O/CDT  SYCN Wickramasinghe

  ENG/12/0170  KG Kavikeshwa



KDU rowing organized a rowing umpiring workshop conducted by MR NIcholos Ee, Chairmen of Asian Rowing Federation Umpiring committe and MR Pornthempmr Rachnavy a member of Fisa umpiring commision.

KDU rowing team participated in diyawannawa sprint regatta on 28th april 2012. Participants and the achivements are mentioned below.

3584 TUO VADJV Perara                               Scull & double skull          Semi final

3815 TUO  KMGSW Kariyawasam                  Scull & double skull           Final

4011 L/O/Cdt  URT Perara                             Scull & double skull             Final

3993  O/CDT WCL Boteju                              Scull                                  Semi Final