Organizational Structure of the Faculty

The faculty is structured with the following sections.


Faculty Headquarters

The main element of the Faculty is the Faculty Headquarter sand it is responsible for carrying out proper training programmes for Officer Cadets and for the administration of all these ctions under its purview for achieving the highest standards in training and administration. The appointments and the current appointment holders of the Faculty are as follows.


Dean–FDSS              -           Colonel WTWG Ihalage RWP RSP p s c

Staff Officer II             -           Major RMLK Rathnayake

Staff Officer III            -           MajorWLP Wijesundara

Wing Sergeant Major  -           WO II Wijeywardana WMDS

DI(Army)                   -           WOI SMB Mahinada Bandara

DI(Army)                   -           WO II Prera HARNDI



Faculty Office

Faculty Office consists of the following clerical staff under the Chief Clerk and is responsible for receiving and dispatching instructions.


Chief Clerk -  S/Sgt Wijesooriya LA
Clerk G/D   - CPO SS Edirisinghe
Sgt   De Soysa DTI
Cpl    Piyasoma ULP
Cpl Kodithuwakku JP
Lwtr JWT Deepal
Cpl Withanage CVJP
L/Cpl   Sajeewa WMC
Pve Dissanayake DMDD
Pve Ranathunga MMK
Wtr  DAD Madhuwantha


Cadet Squadrons

 There are four Cadet Squadrons and each Squadron is responsible for one particular Intake of Officer Cadets A Squadron consists of 2 or 3 Troops and commanded by a Major (Army) or an equal rank (Lieutenant Commander or Squadron Leader).Troops are commanded by a Captain(Army) or an equal rank (Lieutenant or Flight Lieutenant). They are responsible for Military training and Maldives Officer Cadets as Officers and gentlemen/ladies. The current appointment holders are as follows. 


Intake 29
Intake 30
Intake 31
Intake 32
Intake 33
Intake 34 

Publication Section
Sports Section
Department of Strategic Studies