Scholarships For Cadets

Two Naval Officer Cadets have been selected to follow a  four year Bachelor of Science (Bsc) degree program in engineering at the  United States Coast Guard Academy(USCGA), New London, USA. Officer Cadets, who underwent physical fitness test, English language examinations and formal interviews conducted by the USCGA  representatives, were selected to this program for the Class 2016,making KDU proud as the  only country which  got the  opportunity to send two officer cadets at a time for the program. At present, one Officer Cadet is following a four year Bachelor of Science  degree program (Class of 2015) at the  US Naval academy at Maryland. This indicates the rising academic standards of the University and the  progressive ranking of KDU as a defence university in the region.




2,  Proposed Scholarships for Fee leaving Students

Provide 25% scholarship for day-scholars in Dean’s list

 The University plans to provide a 25% scholarship for the day-scholars who will be eligible to be in the Dean’s list.

Provide 50% scholarship for day-scholars in VC’s list
. The University will provide a 50% scholarship for the day-scholars who will be eligible to be in the Chancellor’s list.

Allow a 40% scholarship for children of KDU staff who join KDU degree programmes as day-scholars
 The University will provide a 40% discount for children of the academic and administrative staff who wish to read for KDU degrees on fee-levying basis, and to provide total scholarships for high achievers from 2013 onwards