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Medical Negligence Law; for a Better Approach in Sri Lanka

  KNT Dayarathna

Corresponding Trade Union Laws in Sri Lanka with that of International Standards to Enable Professional Recognition

  NKK Mudalige

The Absolute Protection Available for the Disabled Children Under the Prevention of Domestic Violence Law; Sri Lankan Perspective

  IK Munasinghe

The Application of Public Trust Doctrine as a Mechanism to Ensure Environmental Protection by Means of Law: A Comparative Analysis between Sri Lankan and Indian Legal Context

  GJHK Siriwardana

Contemporary Validity of Customary International Law with Reference to International Law Making Process

  W Seneviratne

Cassandra Complex: Analysis on Law Relating to Climatic Change in Sri Lanka

  GIM Liyanage

Sustainable Development and the Challenge of E-Waste in Sri Lanka

  UM Sapukotana

The Link between Right for Development, Right for Clean and Healthy Environment; and Essentiality of Including These Rights in National Constitution

  MLSM Perera

The Role of a Judge - What It Is and what It Ought to Be: The Independence of Judiciary and Judicial Activism Clothed in Judicial Review in Sri Lanka

  TB Abeysekara

Protection of the Rights of the People with Disabilities in Sri Lanka Need for New Legislation

  DSR Jayawardena
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