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Right to Information and Sustainable Development: a Development Agenda for Sri Lanka

  B Wickramsinghe

Ensuring Good Administration through the Development of Judicial Review in Sri Lanka

  UAT Udayanganie

Voluntary Repatriation as a Durable Solution to Sri Lankan Refugees in India: A Critical Analysis with Legal Perspective

  Y Kathirgamathamby

The Contradiction between Sustainable Development and Economic Development: Special Reference to the Colombo Port City Project of Sri Lanka

  SU De Silva, DMTM Sachindrani, HACD Hatharasinghe, I Bogahawatte

Modern Imperialism: a Legal Insight to North-South Dimension in Global Governance

  K Konasinghe

Identification of Non-State Armed Groups in Non-International Armed Conflicts: A Legal Analysis

  K Jayasekera

Should We Punish Drug Abusers?: Reconsideration of Laws and National Polices of Sri Lanka

  DP Aluthge

A Legal Obligation to Report Child Sexual Abuse? - A Review of National and International Standards

  N Mendis

One Up for Statutory Interpretation and Two Down for Separation of Powers

  S Bulathwela, S Bulathwela

A Proposal of Law Reform for the Prevention of Children Being Used for Begging by Adults in Streets of Sri Lanka

  R Ahangangoda
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