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Tale of RED and ARRI : the Unseen Role of Run Out Legislation and White-Collar Seats

  SE Jayasekera

Sri Lankan Children in Immigration Detention in Australia: Human Rights and State Responsibility

  A Leelarathna

Horizon Line of National Development in Light of Issues and Challenges in Sri Lanka: with Special Reference to Uma Oya Multi-Purpose Project

  BM Weerasinghe, HH Basnayake, JNM Fernando, and G Rajapakshe

Medical Negligence and Doctor’s Liability; A Critical Review in Present Legal Regime in Sri Lanka

  P Rupasinghe

A Space Policy for Sri Lanka: A Need of the Hour

  D Yapa

Right to Access to Information, is an Avenue for Strengthening the Sovereignty of People in Sri Lanka?

  CS Kodikara

Abduction of Infants and Illegal Adoption of Abducted Infants and Its Legal Situation on Adoption Laws in Sri Lanka


Pungency in the Amusement

  Radha Kuruwitabandara

Inculcating Professionalism in Defence for National Development: With Special Reference to KESBAN Concept

  General Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Panglima Hj Zulkifli bin Hj Zainal Abidin

Inculcating Professionalism in Defence for National Development: The Indian Perspective

  Major General RPS Bhaduria VSM
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