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Reforming Security Sector to Inculcate Professionalism: An Integrated Security Policy for Sri Lanka

  C Wickramasinghe

Foreign Involvement of Terrorism in Sri Lanka during Conflict Era - An Appraisal

  HDAK Amarawardhana

Islamic State and the Demise of Westphalia: A new look at Sovereignty in the Middle East

  AY Wickramasinghe

Promoting National Reconciliation: A way forward to Inclusive National Security

  S Satheesmohan

The Engagement of KDU in Executing the National Security

  DGN Sanjeewani

Mission Command; a Perceptible Solution for Future Challenges of the Army

  HLC Liyanage

Military Assisting Police During Crowd Dispersal Duties: Addressing the Gray Area of Sri Lankan Pragmatism

  KERL Fernando, R Fernando, L Fernando

Impact of Emotional Intelligence of Leadership Effectiveness on Job Satisfaction of Sri Lanka Army

  AMDK Abeykoon

Effective Employment of Civil Security Department Personnel in Sri Lanka

  NC Karunarathne

Technology and Innovation Transfer: Hamburg University of Technology as an Example in Germany

  Professor Dr.-Ing. Andreas Timm-Giel
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