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Aerodynamics Analysis of F-16 Aircraft

  HAM Peiris, PVS Nirmal, HMHHS Bandara, DM Mahindarathne, SLMD Rangajeeva, RMPS Bandara


Validation of OpenFOAM as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Software

  UCSMHD Millewa, PM Senathilaka, WPAC Dayarathna, SA Samarasingha, SLMD Rangajeeva

Can Taguchi Method be applied to Improve Software Quality ? A Case Study

  GTF de Silva, GIF de Silva

A New Algorithm for Multipoint Evaluation of Univariate Polynomials

  WA Gunarathna, HM Nasir

Impacts of Mini Hydropower Plants: A research design through preliminary studies

  A Kariyawasam, B Thoradeniya

Effect of Reduced Graphene Oxide Depositing on n-Cu2O for Solid State Photovoltaic Cell

  KASK Hemachandra, CAN Fernando

Inculcating Professionalism in to the University Degrees: Experience of the Faculty of Geomatics, Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka

  MDEK Gunathilaka

Spatial distribution of secondary schools in Kaluthara district with reference to population gravity

  SMAT de S Nandaseela

Landscape as a Tool in Achieving “Adaptive Comfort”, a Study on Multi-Storied Residential Buildings in Tropics

  M Rajapaksha, A Gunasekara
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