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Developing Software Which Automatically Plot Various Types of Profiles Using Road Survey Data

  KLP Hemantha, JAS Jayakody, ACPK Siriwardhana

Efficient 3D City Modelling from Airborne Laser Scanning point clouds

  GSN Perera, N Hetti Arachchige

Modelling of Energy Utilization of Tourism Industry to have an Insight of the Existing Electricity Generation Plan of Sri Lanka

  KN Amarawardhana

p-CuSCN (band gap=3.1eV) Sensitized Cu2O Quantum Dots (QDs) Photoelectrochemical Cell

  PGDCK Karunarathna, CAN Fernando

On an Algorithm to Prove the Strong Goldbach Conjecture

  RAD Piyadasa, N Kaushalya

A Comparative Evaluation of Existing Mppt Algorithms and Development of a Hybrid Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems

  CPTK Kumara, JP Karunadasa

Characteristics of Motorcycle Crashes

  N Amarasingha

Development and Experimental Evaluation of a Visible Light Communication System with Ambient Light Cancellation

  ESS Edirisinghe, PHRSS Karunarathna, DMTB Dissanayake, SAHA Suraweera, GMRI Godaliyadda

Characterization of Montmorillonite Clay from Naturally Occurring Clay Deposits in Murunkan Area

  SU Adikary, M Ashokcline, K Nirojan

Optimized Power Output from Piezoelectric Flexure Element Driven by Low Frequency Vibration

  HC Ganege, WGPLM Gamage, MAF Shazla, MJMA Rasul
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