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Volatility Models for World Stock Indices and Behaviour of All Share Price Index

  DN Samayawardena, HASG Dharmarathne, CD Tilakaratne

Novel solid state solar cell made from n-cu2o using granular active carbon as upper - electrode

  NWPS Perera, CAN Fernando, SA Ariadurai

A Stochastic Model for Variation of Exchange Rates in Sri Lanka

  KN Alupotha

Inter-professional education (IPE) and Collaborative Practice (IPC): Trends, Issues and Strategies

  Dr Dujeepa D. Samarasekera

The emerging concepts of mental health; its relevance to personal growth, health and illnesses

  Professor Nalaka Mendis

Nano Biotechnology for health and wellbeing

  Professor Ravi Silva

Management of Breast Cancer, a Multi-Professional approach

  Mr. Sheikh Ahmad

Clinical Study of Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn and Asparagus Racemosus Linn on Menopausal Symptoms

  MUZN Farzana, A Sultana

Room-Temperature Resin Casting Technique a Low Cost Effective Teaching Tool in Human Anatomy

  EAST Edirisinghe, DEH Kotalawala, HDG De Fonseka, SG Yasewardene

Health status among female industrial workers related to ventilation and overcrowding of the habitable room in boarding houses in Katunayake Free Trade Zone, Sri Lanka

  MDC Silva, KN Lankatilake
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