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Knowledge Related to Neonatal Fever and Skills of Measuring Temperature among the Mothers of Neonates in Castle Street Hospital for Women

  Y Mathangasinghe, MM Ranatunga, P Ranasinghe

Knowledge on symptoms, transmission & treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis- single centre study

  B Seneviratne, LAM Gunawardena, WRIS Kumara

Comparison of Physical Health Parameters of Cadets and Day Scholars in General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU)

  KG Somasiri, BWMTJ Basnayake, MKOK De Silva, WMMS Bandara, AJIS Rathnayake, EPDR Edirisinghe

Correlates of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in Undergraduates

  N Jayasekara, N Fernando, S Gunawardena, B Perera

The Possible Advantages of Cryoprecipitate Prepared From Fresh Frozen Plasma from BloodStored for 24 Hours

  SLS Kumarage, D Dissanayake

Futuristic Trends in Maritime Logistics and its implications on Ports and Shipping

  Mr Sean Van Dort

Inculcating Professionalism in Management through Education and Research

  Professor PSM Gunaratne

Language and Communication for National Development

  Professor Sarath Amunugama

Enhancing Professionalism in Social Sciences for National Development

  Professor KT Silva

Wild Animal Intrusion on the Rural Community with Special References to North Western Slope of Sinharaja Forest Reserve

  HAS Arunashantha
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