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Analysing Significant Factors Considered by General Public in Selecting Higher Educational Opportunities in Private Institutions

  V Waidyasekara, TMJA Cooray

An Evaluation of Teaching Styles of Advanced Level Science Stream Teachers in Colombo District Schools

  AP Hettihewa, IM Karunathilake

Analysis of Factors Considered by Shipping Lines and Agencies in Selecting a Container Terminal for their Operations within Colombo Port Complex, Sri Lanka

  SS Wanniarachchi, WL Rathnayake

Factors Affecting Service Quality in Public Bus Transportation in Sri Lanka

  HWMIS Ranawana, D Hewage

A Methodology to Estimate Value of Time of Commuters Evidence from Cities between Fort and Moratuwa (Literature Review)

  AHMS Sharic

A Survey on Factors Affecting Supply Chain Management Effectiveness: A Case of Textile Sector in Sri Lanka

  DR Ratnajeewa, S Lokugamage

Determinants of Consumer Satisfaction on E-Procurement/ Online Purchasing In Sri Lanka

  MKS Dias, LU Ranwala

Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Third Party Logistics Outsourcing Relationship in Sri Lanka

  PB Hettiarachchi, LU Ranwala

Transferability of Leadership Skills to Day-Scholars by the Leadership Programme at KDU

  M Yahampath

Exploring Sustainability Management for the Telecommunication Industry: A Case Study of the Sri Lankan Mobile Telecommunication Industry

  DR Ratnajeewa, D Hewage
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