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Potentialities of Bioinformaticaly Predicted Linear B-cell Epitopes on Dengue prM Protein

  MN Nadugala, PH Premaratne, CL Goonasekara

Phylogenetic and Conservational Analyses of Dengue Non-Structural Protein 1

  PD Pushpakumara, PH Premarathne, CL Goonasekara

Characterization of Novel Mini STR Loci to Aid the Analysis of Degraded DNA Evidence in Sri Lankan Forensic Casework

  NDS Goonawardhana, GSKW Jayasekera, V Elanahai, RJ Illeperuma, PV Udagama, ND Fernandopulle

Development of Nutri Mix Fortified with Dehydrated Murunga Leaves and Pumpkin Powder

  BMKS Tilakaratne, MKU Arachchi, KMS Wimalasiri, DGNG Wijesinghe

Effect of Callus Colour Variation and Texture in Different Colchicine Concentrations on the Induction of Rice Polyploids

  PCD Perera, N Dahanayake

Assessment of Consumer Awareness on Food Labels and the Effect of the Level of Awareness on Buying Behaviour of Consumers in Jaffna District

  S Simmaky, T Madhujith, S Vasantharuba

Comparative Study of Tragia involucrata L. and Tragia Spp. by Using Preliminary Standardization Techniques

  MS Pallie1, PK Perera, CL Goonasekera, KMN Kumarasinghe, LDAM Arawwawala

Antioxidant Potential of Selected Underutilized Fruit Species Grown in Sri Lanka

  MALN Mallawaarachchi, KSV Dissanayake, T Madhujith

Quality and Shelf Life of Minimally Processed Shredded Carrots in Modified Atmosphere Packaging

  T Mahendran

Importance of Research at End User Level: Case Studies

  Prof GN Wikramanayake
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