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Computing and its Ability for Significant Impact in Nation Building: Case Study of Singapore

  Dr Lakmini Wijesundera

Complexity Science and Knowledge Technology for Defence Industry and Military Forces in the 21st Century

  Prof George Rzevski

A Geo Model for Landfill Site Selection Process

  A Wanniarachchi, N Pathirage, A Chinthaka

Octopus: A Multi Agent Chatbot

  B Hettige, AS Karunananda

Computational Model for Sri Lankan Board Game Nerenchi

  RGUI Meththananda, B Hettige

A Comparative Analysis of Various String Matching Algorithms

  DU Vidanagama

A Review of Recent Advancements of Firefly Algorithm; A Modern Nature Inspired Algorithm

  MKA Ariyaratne, WPJ Pemarathne

Use of low cost information communication technologies for knowledge mobilization in agricultural communities in Sri Lanka

  HACK Jayathilake, UK Jayasinghe-Mudalige, GA Gow, N Waidyanatha, LDRD Perera

Designing an Information System Model for National Blood Bank of Sri Lanka

  SRCN Senanayake, ADAI Gunesekara

Smart Tablet Based Motor Vehicle Claim Settlement Solution

  WMIL Wasalage, N Pathirage, SPP Pakshaweera
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