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A Comparison of the Efficiency of Using HTML over XML and JSON for the Asynchronous Communication in Rich Internet Applications

  NR Dissanayake, D De Silva, GKA Dias

Integrating REST with RIA-Bus for Efficient Communication and Modularity in Rich Internet Applications

  NR Dissanayake, T Wirasingha, GKA Dias

Development of Security Stamp for Desktop Spatial Data Modification in Unrestricted Access Platform

  RMM Pradeep, NTS Wijesekara

Designing an Online Employee Work Process Scheduling System for National Water Supply and Drainage Board in Sri Lanka

  RMDS Rathnayake, A Ariyaratne

Investigating the Effects of ICT for Parents and School Communication

  ACM Perera, N Wedasinghe

Application of Client Server Architecture for Automate Vehicle Allocation in Military Domain

  RMSB Rathnayake, AMCK Gunathilaka, RMM Pradeep

Smart Entrance Tracking Using Artificial Neural Network Technology: A Meta-Analysis on Military bases in Sri Lanka

  RPS Kathriarachchi, ADAI Gunesekera, KC Silva, Y Gunesekera

Performance Appraisal System for Allion Technologies (PVT) LTD

  DDN Wimalarathna, DPS Wimalaratne

Learning Basic Mathematic Concepts with Computer Games

  SNT Rajika, DDM Ranasinghe

Soft Skills for Sri Lankan ICT Professionals

  GIF de Silva
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