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New Dimension towards the Usage of Cheques in Sri Lankan Payments System

  VSN De Lanerolle

Inverting the Paradox: Empowering Natural Resource Management in the Foreign Investment Regime in Sri Lanka

  CS Gunasekera

Corporate Governance of Banks: A critical analysis of Sri Lankan Law and practice

  A Edirisinghe

Entering a Contract at Will: a Critical Analysis of the Principles Governing Duress

  YP Wijeratna

A Comparative Analysis of Directors’ Duty of Care, Skill and Diligence in Sri Lanka, Australia and UK

  GAC Sajeevi, SWP Mahanamahewa

“A Double Edged-Sword?” Need of a Human Rights Law Framework for Scientific Research in Sri Lanka

  H Rathnamalala

Torture Occurrence in Police Custody: Critical Legal study on Sri Lankan Context

  KERL Fernando, R Fernando, UNP Liyanage, L Fernando

Protection of the Rights of Sri Lankan Women from Street Harassment

  KHM Navoda

Inculcating Professionalism among Sri Lankan Youth through Educational Reforms Empowering Youth Rights: Legacy in Retrospect

  N Ratnatilake

Sexual Orientation and Human Rights; Applicable Laws of Sri Lanka and UK

  MAN Chandratilaka, P Mahanamahewa
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