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Impact of advanced technology on effectiveness of Disaster Management activities in Sri Lanka

  C. A. P. Anthony

Means to ensure gap free coastal surveillance to Sri Lanka

  S. A. C. R. Kulatunga

Exploring Secured Nation: Economic Consequences of Global Terrorism

  J. Colombage Ph.D.

Reconciliation in Post War Sri Lanka: Issues and Prospects

  Wasana Nalawatta, Shalini Weeraratne

India- Pakistan war of 1971: A Sri Lankan Perspective

  Wasana Nalawatta, Shalini Weeraratne

Identifying the Core Challenge in the Post-War Peace Setting in Sri Lanka: A focus on Peace Attitudes

  KERL Fernando


  B. D. T. D. Jayarathne, S. Fernando

Revisiting the conflict in the “not-so-deep blue sea”, Indo-Lanka Fishery issues: A Threat to Comprehensive Security

  M. Adams

The Role of Sri Lankan Armed Forces in Public Diplomacy in the Post Conflict Scenario

  B. Senaratne

Analysis of the Intentions of the United States Defence Strategy in South Asia since 2001

  Vibusha K. Madanayke
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