Industrial Visit To Embla Software Innovation (Pvt)Ltd.

Undergraduates of Intake 34 Information Systems visited Embla Software Innovation (Pvt) Ltd. on 01st of October 2019. The aim of this visit was to develop practical knowledge and get more exposure in regard to the industry and of the modern, IT work environment.

The staff members of Embla gave a brief introduction about the company which was followed by a tour around the different sections of the company. Subsequently the undergraduates had a discussion on test automation in software quality assurance. This was conducted by Ms. Eranga Rajapaksha and other quality assurance leads. There were other organized group activities as well. The CEO of the company addressed the undergraduates regarding new trends and opportunities in the industry. Mr. Pathum Kathriarachchi (Head – Department of Information Technology) also participated for this industrial visit.