CuRec: A Doctor-Patient Communication Platform for Combating COVID-19 Pandemic

‘Curec’ is a mobile app developed by the Faculty of Computing to link the doctors and patients during the COVID-19 Pandemic. It stands for Cure and Recovers. The computer application addresses the problem of over utilizing healthcare resources and minimize the risk of unnecessary exposure of people to the virus. Unlike other prevailing apps, the key features of Curec are the real-time video calling facility and the location tracker. The user is given a self-assessment to identify his/her COVID-19 status based on a scoring system, from High to Low, after which the user can choose to call the doctor. On the other hand, the doctor will answer the call from a priority queue, diagnose the patient, and assign the patient with the medical advice, based on interim guidelines given by the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine for COVID-19 isolation centers. The App also provides a Symptoms Log for the patient to monitor his history and decisions given by previous doctors. The application is developed by a group of researchers, Dr. LP Kalansooriya (Senior Lecturer, KDU), Cmde JU Gunaseela (Senior Lecturer, KDU), and a panel of medical experts; Dr. YDMASK Yapa Bandara (Lady Ridgeway Hospital (LRH)), Dr. VT Jayasinghe (LRH), Dr. Vasan Ratnasingam (LRH), Dr. Mangala Rajamanthri (Base Hospital Karawanella), Dr. Namal Wijesinghe (Senior Lecturer – KDU), and the day scholars of KDU, Mr.EMNK Ekanayake, Mr. HKK Perera, Ms. NS Premaratne, Mr. HMGKC Bandara, Mr. LMGS Bandara, Mr. IAMP Ileperuma and Ms. GVDIK Perera.