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KDU Clubhouse is located near General Sir John Kothalawala Defence University (KDU), alongside the fascinating Kandawala Lake. It provides visitors a rare glimpse of nature in a suburb of Colombo. This restaurant was established with the prime objective of facilitating the tri- services, police personnel and academic and non academic staff of KDU with food and beverage in a pleasant surrounding. In addition, this facility will also be open for civil personnel who visit here to enjoy a snak.

Aim / Objectives

Provide entertainment for the University staff and undergraduates of KDU.

Developing of personnel, cultured and social habits of students.

Build of interpersonal relation ship among staff and students.

Any other outsiders under decided by the board of management.


1. Opening Hours:- Week Days - 11.00 to 22.30 hrs / Weekend - 11.00 to 23.00 hrs

2. Club house bar will be closed on Poya day/National day and on the days declare by the department of exercise to close the outlet sale and consumption of alcohol beverage with in the premises is strictly prohibited.

3. Dress code:- Smart casual at all times.

4. Corkage is charge as Rs.750.00 for one bottle of foreign liquor and Rs.500.00 per local liquor.

5. Smoking is allow only in designated area.

6. Pets are not allows.

7. Playing musical instrument without permission is not allow.

8. Membership is non transferable.

9. Club house is closed sharply as schedule time.

Terms and Conditions of members

01. Eligibility For Membership

Sri Lanken Citizen For 18 Years of age are eligible for applying external membership.

Commision officers of three forces and the police,Exceutive of administrative staff and all the student attached to the KDU are eligible for permenant membership.

Except the above membership the vice chancellor can grant honorary membership without charging member ship fee.Diposit for maximum five individual per year as his discretion.

02. Applying For Membership

External applicant can applying for the membership by submitting an application to the board of the KDU Club House.

Every applicant should be recommended by the existing permanent or external members.

Member ship card is issued within 10 days after the approval of Board of Management.

Final decision of Granting membership, for extending the period of membership is with the Board of management.

One year membership period is calculated from January to December and membership should be renewed before two weeks prior to the Date of expire.

03. Membership Fee

Ten Thousand fee per year (Rs.10,000.00)

04. Registration Fee

Rs.5,000.00 is charge at the registration as a deposit and it will be refund after reduction all liabilities to the club at the withdrawal of membership. Proportionate membership fee is charge for an interring registration.

05. Cancellation of membership

Membership will be cancel due to following,


Non payment of membership fee.

Acting adversely to the good will of the KDU Club house.

Resign from the membership.

Death of member.


Member ship fee will not be refund at the resignation or cancellation of membership.

06. Benifits / Privileges for member

25% Discount for special event with 50 plus participants (Wedding ,Birth day,Welcome & Farewell Party)

20% Discount for family package with 10 plus participants.

20% Discount for the members own event (Wedding ,Birth day,Welcome & Farewell Party)

20% Discount for room booking with members stay.

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