Sports meet

 Sports meet is conducted as an annual function in every March. The main purpose of this is maintaining discipline & physical fitness of Officer Cadets as well as Day Scholars. And also, it is held as squadrons.

Mess Night

Mess Night is also conducted by separate Intakes in KDU. It is to teach O/Cdts about dining & wining etiquettes.

New Year Festival

New Year festival is also held in KDU in every April for sharing the happiness, among all and it is helping to increase the relationship between everyone in KDU.  

Parents Day

This is also conducted for meeting parents, staff and students. The new intake in the university will participate for the event both Officer Cadets & Day Scholars.

Wesak Programe

Wesak Programme is also held in every wesak poyaday for observing sil.parallel to this event there is a wesak lantern competition between all the students.

July Ball

July ball is an annual event which is conducted in KDU and it is an entrainment event and all officers and students participating for that.

Games Night

Games Night is also an annual function in academic calendar. It is also for the entertainment everyone in the KDU will participate in that with their families and engage with different events.

Colours Night

This is an annual function. Most talented Officer cadets Day Scholars and are awarded by VC in the KDU Colours Night.


This is normally called as graduation day. After the finishing the degree successfully with flying colors, students will graduate from the KDU.