It  provides   information and resource materials  required for the University’s  educational, research  and publication  programmers. It  has  21900 volumes  of books  and bound journals for reference  and lending , and it subscribes to 11 current periodicals. The  entire  collection covers a wide range of academic subjects such as Medicine, Engineering, Physics, Arts, Defence Studies, Humanities, Social Science, Logistics  and  Art & Science Economics, Mamagement, Law, History, Military etc.
Sports and Recreation
The  officer  cadets  are expected  to maintain  their  physical fitness  and  foster  a comradeship  in keeping  with  the  service  traditions  by  actively  participating  in  sports .The  university  provides  facilities   and  equipment for  games   such  as soccer, c ricket, rugby, basketball, volleyball, netball, boxing and hockey  as  well  as  for  individual  sports like  squash, tennis , badminton, table tennis ,weight  training   and  swimming. Trained  civilian/service  instructors   and  coaches  provide  training  to   individuals  and  teams.

Club Activities
KDU  has  club  activities  to  improve   the  skills   and  talents   of  the  officer cadets . The clubs  include Photography, Eco, Music  and  Dancing, Arts  and  Culture ,Speech  and  Drama /Toast  Masters, E-club/E-library, Air Riffle  and  Rowing  club.

Other Facilities
  • Officer  Cadets’ Mess  :   All  officer  cadets  are  members  of  the officer cadets’ Mess   situated in  the  premises  of  the  university. Meals  are  cooked   and  served  there.
  • Bar  facilities  :   Beverages ,soft drinks, sweets  and  snacks are available  at the bar in the officer cadets’  Mess.
  • Guest  Entertainment:  Officer  cadets  are allowed  to  entertain  guests (immediate  family members)at the officer  cadets’ Mess.
  •  Accommodation          :  Each  officer  cadet  is  provided  with a  fully  furnished  room  after  the  initial  military  training.
  •   Batman/Bat woman  Service :  Batman/Bat women  services  are  provided  to  the  officer  cadets .
  • Canteen  Facilities  :  Canteen   service   caters   to  the  basic  needs  and  refreshments   of  the  officer  cadets  at the  officer  cadets’  Mess.
  • Laundry  :   Laundry   facilities   are  provided  to  the  officer  cadets  at  the  newly  opened  well –equipped  laundry.


  • Medical   and  Dental  facilities  :  Free  medical  facilities   are  provided  to  officer  cadets. The  service  of  a  medical  officer  and  a dental  surgeon  is  available  at  KDU. The   well  -equipped  dental surgery  of  KDU  provides  facilities  free  of  charge  for  all  officer  cadets  .  All  prescribed  medicine  is  provided  free  of  charge  by  KDU.




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