Degree Program





While providing overall knowledge to produce an competent engineer, a thorough knowledge on systems that help to keep a Ship Running are aimed in four year Bachelor Degree in Marine Engineering. This includes various topics related to ship’s internal systems as well as design, production and operation of ships. Ship’s internal systems are covered through topics and practical related to Marine Engineering Knowledge and the design, production and operation of ships are covered through basic and advanced Naval Architecture topics and many other subjects specific to the field. Overall knowledge required for an engineer is offered with various Science, Information Technology, Advanced Mathematics, Management and Accounting subjects and the six month Industrial Training in Maritime Industry helps student to augment their practical knowledge.

With 135 GPA credits and 15 NGPA credits the student is qualified for the graduation. Meantime the Marine Engineering cadets would earn 35 MGPA credits on top of the above for qualifying for their graduation. Upon graduation civil students are entertained to sail with merchant navy as a cadet or join with a shore base firm, while the Marine Engineering cadets are employed by Sri Lanka Navy.