Marine Laboratory was first established in 2005 with limited facilities/ available resources at the ground floor of “Suranimala” building in view of providing better knowledge of marine equipment and main parts of marine machineries to marine engineering undergraduates.

Marine Engineering Laboratory was then improved several times with the help of Sri Lanka Navy and was provided heavy, light marine engines and Diesel Alternators which were used in Fast Missile Vessels and Fast Gun Boats, in 2007

A working cut model of FGB engine was given in 2010 by Naval Dockyard, Trincomalee and cut models of main engine components were included in 2011 with the purpose of deepening the knowledge of operation and working principles of Marine machineries/ auxiliaries and propulsion systems.
An engine bay was established as an additional section to the marine laboratory in early 2012 and presently carrying out practical for dismantling, starting and stopping procedures. Further, actions have been initiated to develop the laboratory with the assist of Colombo Dockyard Ltd.

To accommodate for emerging training requirements of marine engineers and modern ship technologies the university has taken several steps to empower the marine laboratory with following equipment by year 2019-2020.

Marine Engine Room Simulator
Marine Engine Room Console
Fast Attack Craft with all systems and accessories