Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering


The department of Mechanical Engineering offers two specializations, namely Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering, of BSc in Engineering degree programme, and it has been playing a dynamic role in the FOE mainly due to the presence of a highly qualified panel of lecturers with a wide range of expertise; their academic background, teaching experiences, research capabilities and industrial exposure make a significant contribution to the overall strength of the department. The department progresses well-equipped laboratories in Thermodynamics, Applied Mechanics and Control Engineering, and Material Testing. The department implements its well-designed curricula and in addition to the programme of lectures and practical sessions, the department also organizes industrial visits and guest lectures providing further opportunities for enhancement and consolidation of students’ knowledge.


Vision of the Department

To be an indispensable source in Mechanical Engineering education which has the zeal to provide the value driven platform for the students to acquire knowledge and empower themselves to shoulder higher responsibilities in the development of the nation.


Mission of the Department

  • To promote Mechanical Engineering education and research by providing quality education, keeping pace with time and technology.To produce graduates who are technically well prepared for their subsequent duties and responsibilities as Mechanical Engineers in armed forces in Sri Lanka.
  • To ensure that the students are provided with a core education in Mechanical Engineering.
  • To provide the students with experience in conducting and documenting an independent investigation on problems related to armed forces in Sri Lanka.

News and Events

MEDBED Ver 1.0

mech2 An Intensive Care Unit bed was developed by students and Lecturers of Department of Mechanical Engineering with lesser cost compared to the present local market. 

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