Department of Spatial Sciences


The Department of Spatial Sciences conduct one degree program Bachelor of Science Honours in Spatial Science.


Bachelor of Science in Spatial Science (Hons.)

BSc Hons (Surveying Sciences) degree programme provides students with appropriate knowledge, applications, analyzing and innovations of principles and practices of the discipline comply with academic and professional standards of local and international organizations. The programme of study leading to award the BSc Hons (Surveying Sciences) Degree comprises with eight (08) academic semesters including industrial training offered over four (04) academic years. On completion of the programme graduates acquire the knowledge and the practical skills required to be a surveyor / geo-spatial professional at the entry level.


Entry Requirement

  • Be between 17-30 year of age
  • In order to be eligible for admission to a course of study leading to B.Sc. Hons (Surveying Science), a candidate should have obtained at least ‘S’ Grades in Physics, Combined Mathematics and in any other subject available at the G.C.E (A/L) Examination.

In addition, candidates should have satisfied the following requirements at the GCE (O/L) Examination
        (a) At least a Credit Pass (C) in Mathematics I or II
        (b) At least Ordinary Pass (S) in Science I or II
        (c) At least Credit Pass (C) in English Language


Candidates are required to submit the duly certified copy of the original GCE (O/L) Certificate along with the application.

  • Candidates who apply with London A/L examination (Cambridge or Edexel) or any other equivalent foreign examination shall have a minimum of three Simple (S) passes in the maths stream and a credit (C) pass or above for English Language in London O/Ls or in any other equivalent foreign examination.
  • Candidates who apply with High School Diploma should have passed SAT and TOFEL with minimum score of 79 or IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5.
  • The applicants who apply under the category of “any other foreign examinations or equivalent qualifications in University Entrance Examination in any other country“ are advised to have relevant minimum qualifications at any other foreign examinations that is equal to Sri Lanka GCE A/L. Validation should be obtained from the Department of Examination of Sri Lanka. It is also required to submit a letter from a recognized university/academy/higher educational institutions of the country from which he/she has achieved his/her qualifications certifying that the relevant qualification is sufficient to register in that university/academy/higher educational institutional to follow an undergraduate course of study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree.