Establishment of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Palliative Care Fund

After the inauguration of KDU Palliative Care Services on 3rd February 2021, the Palliative Care team stepped up with the next major project of building up KDU hospice which will be an ideal home for the patients who need palliative care. There were many volunteers who gave their best support to establish KDU Palliative Care Fund.

Mr. Nandadasa Rajapakse, one of the volunteers who were in the audience at the KDU Palliative Care inauguration ceremony donated Rs 1 million with the memory of Late Mrs. Rajapakse to the KDU Palliative Care Fund. He was very impressed by the vision, goals and set up plans of Palliative Care services at UHKDU. Further, he was also inspired by the work done by Dr. Crhyshantha Perera and the team at T.H.Karapitiya. He also promised to give his best support for the need of the upcoming Palliative Care Center, KDU Hospice.

The legal and official proceedings of the initial workup for the KDU Palliative Care fund took place at the General Sir John Kotelawala conference room at the VC’s office. Major General Milinda Peiris, the Vice-Chancellor; Brigadier W Chandrasiri, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Defence and Admin); and the great team of volunteers including Mr. Nanadadasa Rajapakse and especially who worked hard to make this giant project a success Moreover, Mr. Prabodha Rathnawardana, his friends and the team of KDU Palliative Care Services were also supported.

KDU pays its gratitude to Mr. Nandadasa Rajapaksha and Mr. Prabodha Rathnawardana, and also those who help in many ways behind the screen to make this event a success. It is an essential need for patients who are diagnosed with incurable chronic diseases, such as chronic neurological diseases, motor neuron diseases, rheumatological diseases, and incurable cancers. They ultimately need lifetime care at a place like Hospice. We kindly more you to join with us by providing manpower, infrastructure, financial assistance or any other support for the needy patients in the Palliative Care Center.