The Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) was established as the MSc section in 2001 to provide an opportunity for Tri services and Police officers to obtain a prestigious degree qualification; the MSc (Defence Studies) Degree in Management. The first Master of Science (Defence Studies) Degree in Management programme commenced on 22nd March 2001, and the first Bachelor of Science (Defence Studies) Degree in Management Programme commenced on 10th July 2003. These courses were designed by a forum of senior academics and professionals from reputed Universities in Sri Lanka to ensure a high academic standard and to enable participants to complete the degree in two years while in service. Further, these courses cover important functional and peripheral areas of Management, while the other courses are also designed to suit the areas of current needs and demands as well.

The FGS ensures personal and professional growth of participants through interactive sessions, experimental learning, and independent research projects. Course components are designed to facilitate and enhance knowledge, develop skills, transform attitudes, and to experiment approaches in problem-solving. The FGS of KDU offers many postgraduate degree programmes for officers of the Tri-Services, Police and executive grade officers of public and private sectors. The overall goal of FGS at KDU is to develop and enhance the capabilities of researchers to possess originality and ingenuity in conducting pioneering research at the frontlines of different disciplines. As stated above, today, the FGS conducts several External postgraduate degree programmes for officers of the Tri-Services and the Police as well as for public and private sector personnel, who are eager to expand their profiles with additional qualifications. Most importantly, the FGS now offers Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy Degree Programs, thereby reaching the zenith of academic activities of a university, namely the task of knowledge creation through research. The faculty coordinates with the best resource personnel in the country, representing academic and professional communities in planning and conducting these courses. Moreover, the FGS transforms its postgraduate candidates to be more research-oriented, ensuring that they forecast the needs of the industrial sector and society, which will ultimately contribute immensely to future developments.

A postgraduate degree is essential for a person to become an erudite professional in the field and it is a rare opportunity to obtain a prestigious degree qualification. The FGS of KDU is one of the leading Post Graduate Institutions in Sri Lanka which engages in conducting External Postgraduate Degrees for commissioned officers of the Tri-Services, officers of the Sri Lanka Police as well as for the Executive Officers of public and private sectors. The FGS is responsible for conducting all Postgraduate Degree programmes at KDU, particularly for the said scholars, and the majority of its courses are conducted during weekends for their convenience so that they could follow courses without distracting their duties in respective services.