Welcome to the Faculty of Law ...

The Faculty of Law of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University was established in 2011 with 22 students with the view of providing legal education to the officer cadets which would assist in qualifying them to become legal officers to the tri-forces in Sri Lanka.

Presently, the Faculty accommodates about 500 students at any given time. They are Officers of the Tri Forces, Police Officers, Officer Cadets, and the Day Scholars.

The Faculty which offers both undergraduate and post-graduate degree programmes provides them with a dynamic academic experience with an innovative curriculum. The commitment of the Faculty is to continue to be recognized as a well-equipped leading seat of Learning of Law among other competitive law schools at national, regional and international level.





To be a Faculty of Law nationally and internationally recognized for its unique ability to generate academically and professionally qualified distinctive graduates and postgraduates in the field of Law to serve in the Armed Forces and in the public sector, and society at large.


      To ensure through learner centered educational experience, properly guided under supervision of the Departments of Law academically and professionally well-qualified personnel, and with higher quality research exposure to make distinctive graduates and postgraduates in the field of Law.

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