LLB Sylabi

Semester 1

Constitutional Law I
Criminal Law
Legal Methods
Legal System and Legal History of Sri Lanka
Roman Law

Semester 2
         Constitutional Law II
       Criminal Law II
       Family Law
       Interpreatation Of Statutes & Documents
       Law of Contract
Semester 3
      Administrative Law
      Business Law
      Labour Law
      Law of Delict
      Law of Equity and Trust
      Public International Law
Semester 4
     Company Law
     Human Rights Law
     Intellectual Property Law
     International Investment Law
     Military Law
Semester 5
      International Humanitarian Law
      Land Law
      Law of Space
      Law of Taxation
      Law of The Sea
      Laws Related to Forensic Medicine
      Research Methodology
Semester 6
     Civil Procedure
     Criminal Procedure
     Information Technology Law
     Law of Evidence
     Trust Accounts and Professional Ethics
Semester 7
    Environmental Law
    Legal Clinics
    Private International Law
Semester 8
   Arbitration Law
    Finance Law
    Construction Law