Intake 36 Syndicate Presentations

First year Officer Cadets are required to conduct individual leadership presentations on a Leader and second year syndicate presentations on a given topic. The best syndicate presentation will be select by a board of a adjudicators appointed by the VC and will be awarded with a trophy at the final presentation.

  1. Customer Tendency Towards Online Grocery Shopping During The Lockdown.
  2. Effective Utilization for Online Learning Platforms.
  3. Battle for Fortress; Historical Evolution of Architectural and Operational Concept.
  4. Does A New Dimension of Istar Will be Opened with the Introduction of Micro Drones?
  5. Bridging the Gap Between Quantity Surveying And Reality.
  6. Should The Right To Health Be A Fundamental Right Internationally?
  7. Propagation of Fake News Through Social Media And Its Impact On National Security In Sri Lanka.
  8. Impact of Social Media on Educational Achievement Among University Undergraduates.
  9. Will Solar Energy Be A Proper Solution For Energy Crisis In Sri Lanka?
  10. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Working from Home on Employee Productivity And Work Life Balances.
  11. The Role of Internal Audit in Public Sector, the Case of KDU.
  12. The Psychological Impact of the Covid – 19 Epidemics on University Students in Sri Lanka.
  13. The Privacy: A Critical Evaluation of Information Security in the Digital Age.
  14. Application of Measurement Technology to Improve the Accuracy of Field Artillery Firing.
  15. Robotics on Disaster Situation.
  16. How to Develop Industrial Risk Management Solutions Through Professionals.
  17. Necessity of Ethnic Harmony for Political Stability.
  18. Educate Children And Parents About Prevention Of Child Sexual Abuse.
  19. The Epidemic Curve and Its Implications Emphasizing On Covid-19.
  20. Societal Role of Professional Engineers to Uplift the Sri Lanka’s Economy.

The Best Syndicate Presentation- ‘Customer tendency towards online grocery shopping during the lockdown’.