Institute for Combinatorial Advanced Research & Education



The objective of KDU- CARE is to discover, implement and operate state of the art modern scientific technologies that enhance KDU’s scientific education and research capabilities.


To make full use of discoveries, in turn leading towards economic growth of Sri Lanka and to be competitive in the open and knowledge economy to achieve sustainability.


Institute for Combinatorial Advanced Research & Education (KDU-CARE) was established in 06th April 2015 as the Scientific Research & Development wing of General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University.

KDU-CARE will undertake multidisciplinary scientific research in collaboration with both public and private sector organizations to build research capabilities and to enhance innovation within KDU as well as outside and improve national scientific research capabilities in Sri Lanka.
The KDU-CARE entails following specific objectives:

  • Develop an advanced multi-disciplinary research facility
  • Attracting foreign research ventures/collaborations to Sri Lanka to ensure a multinational research and learning culture and also earn foreign currency which can be used to strengthen the national economy in a large scale.
  • Encouraging industry sponsored research leading to commercialization of research via industry-academia research partnerships.

KDU-CARE has access to bio-safety level 2 laboratory facilities for conducting research on commercially or medically important isolates. This consists of mammalian cell culture facility, cryopreservation and ultra-low temperature storage facilities which allow analysis and storage of important samples for the long term basis. In addition, KDU-CARE possesses an Agilent 1200 Infinity series HPLC system, which is placed in the Biomedical Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine. This instrument is accessible to scientists at KDU for research purposes including bioequivalence studies of pharmaceuticals/generic drugs. Currently we have one such study in progress in collaboration with the State Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Corporation of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, KDU-CARE is not only focused on biomedical or molecular biology research, but agriculture to engineering by partnering with the faculties within the university and private or government institutions as required.

A key goal of KDU-CARE is to have affiliated scientists focus on cutting edge research and innovations that will result in solving national problems, international publications or products/services that will generate revenue. Currently members affiliated to KDU-CARE have local and international grants that fund areas in research as diverse as Dengue, Tuberculosis and CKDu disease. This year a total of four postgraduate students are being supervised for their MPhil/PhD projects by KDU-CARE staff members and one staff member is completing their PhD in Australia.


Prof. Charitha L. Goonasekara
Professor in Biochemistry
Acting Director

Dr. S.H.N.P. Gunawickrama
Senior Lecturer Grade I

Ms. AMTN Adikari
Lecturer (Probationary)