International Baseball Umpire Mr. Sujeewa Wijenayake Conducted a Visiting Lecture on the Topic of Baseball and The Rules for The KDU Baseball Team

Baseball is one of the most famous sport games in the world, and it is the national game of the United States of America. Baseball is not new to Sri Lanka but it was introduced to KDU on 16th August 2021. Even though KDU initiated Baseball very recently, the freshly formed baseball team of KDU was lucky enough to participate in the national knockout championship which was held on 18th November 2021.

On the 29th of November, the baseball team of KDU marked another new chapter in its timeline with a presentation conducted by Mr. Sujeewa Wijenayaka who is an international umpire. Mr. Sujeewa Wijenayaka is one of the Olympic committee members and an outstanding element in the context of the Sri Lankan Baseball arena.

Brig W Chandrasiri RSP USP psc, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of KDU, Col HMGE Herath RSP USP psc, the Dean of the Faculty of Defence and Strategic Studies, Lt Col TBMR Kandekumbura RSP USP, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Defence and Strategic Studies, sports Officer of KDU Major IP Pathirana and Lt. HMTP Halahakoon, the Officer In Charge of KDU Baseball also graced the occasion.

On this occasion, the chief guest was also grateful to donate the required Baseball equipment to officer cadet HRPM Handagama ,the Captain of  KDU Baseball team, in order to uplift the standards accordingly. Also, a token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Sujeewa Wijenayake by the KDU. The occasion concluded with a decent coffee party hosted by all the participants.