Session II: Optimal Thinking towards Intelligent Behavior

1. Parallel Queue Optimization through Computer Aided Simulation and Queueing Theory : A Case Study on Matta Canteen of Sabaragamuwa University
    S Anujan , K Banujan, MS Karunarathne and KPN Rukshan

2. Artificial Neural Network Based New Classification Methodology for identifying Kidney Desease Risk Levels
    KAA Chathurangi and RMKT Rathnayaka

3. A Machine Learning Based Solution for Finding Perfect Marital Partner
    BKTP Wickramasinghe, DU Vidanagama and N Wedasinghe

4. Cloud Based Power Consumption Estimation For Electric Vehicles
    PGHLR Fernando and PPNV Kumara

5. Water Intake Recognition System Based on Pressure Sensors and Bluetooth Technology
    MAJ Wjesekera and WPJ Pemarathne

6. Method to Enhance Features of Biometrics Security Management and Fingerrint Identification Using Low-Quality Images
    RSW Arachchi and RL Dangalla