Session III: Artificial Intelligence for Digital Collaboration

1. Knowledge Sharing System for Dental Extraction in order to Assist Dental Doctors and Assistants
K Banujan and S Vasanthapriyan
2. Automated Prediction of Customer Hotspots to Taxi Drivers Using Clustering Techniques and Web Scraping
SPDT Saranatha and PPNV Kumara
3. Image Processing based Automatic PELICON Crossing System
KGK Chathumini, BTGS Kumara and HACS Hapuarachchi
4. A Novel Elliptic Curve Based Multi-Key Encryption Method for Multicasting Single Content with Access Control
TMKK Jinasena, RGN Meegama and RB Marasinghe
5. Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Improved Adaptability in an Adaptive e-Learning Environment: A Review
KG Hewa and PPNV Kumara