Session II: Together toward a 'Green' and 'Clean' Society

1. Majestic Giant, yet a Broken Spirit; Legal Protection of Captive Elephants in Sri Lanka
    HMMC Herath and WMASB Wijethunga

2. Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Protection with Reference to the Companies Act No 07 of 2007
    YP Wijerathna and AA Edirisinghe

3. A Better Approach to Animal Welfare Law; a Critical Analysis of the Law on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Sri Lanka
    MH Pasqual

4. Pursuing a Better National Water Policy Endowed with Substantial Rights on Water: Case Study of Sri Lanka
    DP Aluthge

5. Applicability of the Defence of Act of God in Environmental Damage: A Critical Appraisal
    Udapadie Liyanage