Investigation of copper oxide nanoparticles as catalysts for “Click” reaction
S kukendran, HIC de Silva and SM Vithanarachchi

Colorimetric sensor based on L-Cysteine functionalized silver nanoparticles for cadmium (II) ion detection
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Computational study of linamarin and its synthetic analogues as substrates for alpha and beta human glucosidase enzymes
A Navodani, GAU Jayasekara, SSSBDP Soysa, LV Gooneratne and I Ranathunge

Urea modified calcium carbonate nanohybrids as a next generation fertilizer
DN Rathnaweera D Pabodha C Sandaruwan G Priyadarshana SP Deraniyagala and N Kottegoda

Synthesis of a Micronutrient Nanofertilizer by incorporating zinc oxide and copper oxide nanoparticles to alginic acid
SA Ekanayake and PI Godakumbura

Proximate composition and calorie content of selected Sri Lankan traditional rice (Oryza sativa L.) based porridges
PAN Thushara, PI Godakumbura and MAB Prashantha