Influence of the factors associated with suicides: A case study in the Kelaniya police division in Sri Lanka
JLSM Kumara NV Chandrasekara

Modelling and forecasting monthly petroleum crude oil prices using a hybrid time series model
HHTP Samarakoon, RAN Madhuwanthi, HNAM Wijayawardhana and NV Chandrasekara

Modelling retail price of red onions in Colombo markets using ARIMA-GARCH mixed model
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Statistical modelling of electricity consumption in Sri Lanka
LS Madushani and KDN Kumari

Forecasting the unit cost of electricity generated by fossil fuel using ARIMA technique: A case study of a diesel/ heavy fuel oil
WPMCN Weerasinghe and DDM Jayasundara

A Seasonal ARIMA model to forecast monthly potato yield in Sri Lanka
MSH Perera, AWSP Karunarathne, SS Hewage, LBU Sandamali and NV Chandrasekara