Introduction of the Chair

Preliminary Remarks by the Chair

Lightweight and Portable Cross-Platform Application Development Framework
SJMDP Samarakoon, C Hettiarachchi and MAS Suranga

Personalized Privacy Assistant to Capture, Communicate and Enforce Privacy Policies and Preferences
GDST Rathnasekara and PPNV Kumara

Automating Urban Hydrology Models: What do Hydrologists Expect from Model Developers?
RMM Pradeep and NTS Wijesekera

Advanced Analysis of the Effect of Scrum and Kanban on Software Maintenance Projects
UAK Madushika and S Vasanthapriyan

Impact of Talent Management Practices on Perceived Employer Branding: Conceptual Model Development for Sri Lankan IT and Software Service Sector
MHR Sandeepanie, GDN Perera, TL Sajeewani and PN Gamage