The Nexus between Foreign Policy and Internal Crisis of Sri Lanka (1980 to 1990)
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How to Catch the Black Cat in a Dark Room: How should Sri Lanka Military Legally Engage in Global Counter Terrorism in a Democratic Society
SW Siriwardena

Rohingya Refugees in Nepal: Going Beyond the Discourse on Integration
N Sanjeewani

Disruptive Technologies and Nuclear War in South Asia: a Myth or a Reality
S de Silva

Militarisation of Outer Space: Threats, Challenges and Way Forward for Sri Lanka
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New Technologies and the Modern Battlefield: Humanitarian Perspectives
MBBN Herath

Role of Military Professionals in Dealing with Construction Industry of Sri Lanka
SH Rodrigo, WKAV Welivita, SD Jayasooriya, AR Rupasinginghe & CT Gunarathna